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Let us do the work for you.

Our experienced investment managers work closely with our research analysts to continually find the best fund managers for our portfolios. The portfolios are constantly reviewed by the manager and rebalanced to maintain the investment objectives. Where necessary, changes are made to the portfolios by the investment manager.

Peace of mind

There is always an expert looking after your money, starting with Trade Link Securities Financial Practitioners. They will listen and recommend the most suitable portfolio for you and continue to review its suitability for your financial needs.

Here for the future

Trade Link Securities Financial Practitioners offers a personal level of service and has the strength to still be here in the years to come. We will regularly send you newsletters and updates on your account and the market in general. You can also obtain current valuations and information online whenever suits you. It's easy to contact us should you have any queries or concerns. The Portfolio Management Service is backed by a superb administration team should you require further information.

NB: This service is designed for investors lacking the time, inclination or expertise to manage their portfolios.