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About Tradelink Securities


Trade Link Securities Ltd was incorporated as a private Limited Liability Company in June 1990 with RC Number 151074. The company was licensed by The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and granted licence as a Dealing member of The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), to carry out the business of Stock-broking and Investment advisory Services.

The firm commenced operation in October 1991 at it’s office then situated at 12, Market Street, Lagos before moving to the present address at the 2nd Floor of The Bookshop House at number 50/52 Broad Street, Lagos serving a select list of clientele in investment advice, buying and selling of shares on the floor of Nigeria Stock Exchange. The firm specializes in Stock broking activities, Portfolio Management and Primary Market operations.

The principal objectives of the Company include the following:

  1. To make "suitable" investment suggestions based on each client's income, portfolio, risk tolerance, investment objectives and overall financial situation through optimum investment portfolio mix.
  2. Securities brokerage on the secondary market. This includes trading on behalf of clients and for the Company’s own account.

While our capital market activities consists of the following specialized services:

  1. Stockbroking services
  2. Portfolio Management